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Why Pokemon Go Could Be the Ultimate Game



If you’re a Pokemon fan, even in the slightest, you’ve probably already been aware of the new mobile, augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, since its announcement over the past year until now. After a recent, brief period of beta testing across different areas in the world, the game was officially released to the general public on July 6th, with compatibility for both Android and iPhone users alike.

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Pokemon Bank Johto Starters Event

Yesterday, it was announced that Pokemon Bank users will exclusively be receiving a reward event where all three of the fully-evolved Johto Starter Pokemon — Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr are to be distributed. Those who access their Pokemon Bank account between February 27th and November 30th, 2015 will be given these Pokemon.

You can receive this trio through Pokemon Link on your copy of Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire; whichever game uses Pokemon Bank to qualify for the event.

Keep in mind that you can only receive these three Pokemon on each Pokemon Bank account once.

This event is great due to the fact that Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr have their Hidden Abilities. Here’s the breakdown of what those Hidden Abilities are and what they can do for you in your battles:

Meganium (Leaf Guard): Protects the Pokemon from status conditions involving harsh sunlight. Since Sunny Day is one of the moves this event Meganium knows, this hidden ability gives it an even bigger advantage.

Typhlosion (Flash Fire): Powers up fire-type moves by 50% and prevents this Pokemon from taking damage from fire-type moves. This event Typhlosion has three fire-type moves in its move-set which can be very useful thanks to this hidden ability.

Feraligatr (Sheer Force): Eliminates the additional effects of this Pokemon’s attacks, but in exchange, they will do an additional 30% in damage instead. This event Feraligatr knows Ice Punch, Crunch, and Waterfall — all moves with additional effects. As a result, Sheer Force omits those additional effects for boosted damage instead.


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Hoopa Has Officially Emerged!

On Wednesday, The Pokemon Company officially revealed one of the most highly anticipated Generation 6 Pokemon, Hoopa. Since Hoopa was revealed to be featured in the upcoming Pokemon movie last Saturday, it makes sense that The Pokemon Company found it an appropriate time to finally settle the buzz about when Hoopa will become relevant. It’s exciting to see its recognition. I remember theorizing a ton before ORAS was released about how the legendary Pokemon that appeared in Hoenn was based on its ability to transport things like land, objects, Pokemon, etc. It makes sense considering the rings that you have to “reach” into when meeting the legendary, in either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

What I’m really anticipating to see is Hoopa’s other form. I have a feeling that it will be featured in the upcoming movie due to the title that was given to the movie, “The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa”. Since Hoopa’s form has been considered already by many fans to be based on a Djinn, everything starts to make sense with the title given to the upcoming movie. Recall this analysis I posted a couple of posts back:


What do you think about Hoopa? Leave a comment below, if you’d like, and check out where you can catch me in the links bar on the right!

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Will Hoopa’s New Form Emerge In Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire?


Recalling the information that was datamined from the ORAS demo, it was revealed by ProjectPokemon, a while back, that Hoopa was going to be receiving a new form known as Hoopa-H or the Hyperspace form. Yesterday, dataminers leaked a screenshot of Hoopa’s “Hyperspace” form, in battle. I’m beginning to get extremely curious to knowing exactly what Game Freak plans to do with this form — if it’s going to play a role in ORAS or not, or if it is going to be in the X/Y sequel(s).

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